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Basic* Patterns

 $0.025 Per Sq. Inch ~ min $50.00

Semi-Custom** Patterns 

 $0.045 Per Sq. Inch ~ min. $75.00

Custom Quilting *** (starting at)

 $0.06 Per Sq. Inch ~ min. $150.00

Basting for Hand Quilters

 $0.02 Per Sq. Inch

Hobbs 80/20 96" wide

Quilters Dream Cotton 93" wide

Hobbs 100% Wool 108" wide

 $ 8.00  per lin yard

 $ 11.00 per lin yard

 $ 13.00 per lin yard

Specialty Thread

 $6 - $12 per quilt

Thread Color Change

 $2.00 each change

Machine Apply Binding ***2-1/4" or 2/1/2" double fold binding only - stitched on one side

  $0.12 per running inch

Complete Binding  -Hand stitched

 $0.35 per running inch

 Set up charge quilts over 96"  wide

 Squaring back  $20.00

Hanging Sleeve

 $0.35 per running inch


RUSH Orders are subject to an additional charge of $15.00 

(A rush order is any order that has a deadline for completion)

Shipping and handling: within Georgia $15.00 - out of State $20.00


$15 Set Up Charge for quilts 100" and up in length


NOTE: Per Square Inch  (width x length of your quilt top=Sq. Inch) 


*B*Basic Pattern is indicated edge to edge or pantograph patterns.  


     **Semi-Custom designs are found in repeat block, corner and                 

                                           border patterns.

***Custom designs are show quality combinations of block, corner,

            border and sashing patterns or freehand designs to create  

                                  that perfect look for your quilt.  

                            Cost is quoted by individual project



To estimate the cost of your project the following is an example:
Quilt top (width x height) 60" x 60" = 3,600 sq. inches
Basic Patterns     $0.025  x  3,600 =  $90.00
Semi Custom Patterns:   $0.03  x  3,600 =  $162.00
Custom Patterns (starting at)   $0.05  x  3,600 = $180.00
Basting only .005 x 3,600 = $18.00