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Quilting Terms


Basting:Approximately 4" spaced machine quilting stitches, both horizontal and vertical, used for hand quilting.


Quilt Binding by Hand:2 1/2" folded fabric machine stitched to front of quilt, folded around to back of quilt and hand stitched to back with mitered corners.


Quilt Binding by Machine:2 1/2" folded fabric machine stitched to back of quilt and folded to front and machine stitched to quilt front very close to edge of binding material.


Crosshatching:Two sets of parallel diagonal lines crossing one another to create a diagonal gridwork, sometimes used around applique.


Custom quilting:Quilting designed to fit the quilt top itself, can be stitch in the ditch, motifs to fit block areas, echo quilting, crosshatching, outline stitching, etc. Quilting designs are chosen according to the fabrics, design of the quilt and quilt style.


Echo quilting:1/4" spaced repeating quilting used around applique or pieced work.


Edge to Edge quilting:Overall repeating patterns that interlock with each row.


Feathers:Heart shaped forms on both sides of a main stem, can be round, heart shaped, freeform, or can even be used to fill an area.


Freehand or Hand quided: No pattern is used, the quilter moves the machine as in drawing, can be textures such as water, wood, or can be feathers, flower designs, and overall fills, there are many designs to choose from and are chosen to match the fabrics, style and design of the quilt top.


Heirloom quilting:Dense custom quilting, usually containing stippling, motifs, and patterns to fit the quilt top. Very heavy quilting.


Meandering:Continuous curving line, can be small to large, used as overall pattern or in specific areas of the quilt.


Motifs:Coordinating design pattern used to fill and area of the quilt such as a block.


Pantograph pattern:Overall continuous repeating lines of patterns in rows over entire quilt, creating a unified look, there are many patterns to choose. Often called "pano".


Stippling:Tiny meandering, continuous motion, used around applique, areas you wish to have a raised appearance. Usually less than 1/4" spacing between stippling lines.


Stitch in the ditch:Quilting in the seams of the pieced work of a quilt.


Trapunto:Raised areas in the quilting design, with additional batting behind these areas.