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As a quilter for a number of years, I pinned, basted and marked in order to hand or machine stitch my smaller project, which often took weeks to complete. I sent quilt tops to long arm machine quilters around the country and was always pleased with the results. As waiting lists grew and so did my completed quilt tops, I began to think; why not take my love of quilting a step further and work at something for which I have a passion? I purchased my Gammill long arm quilting machine and a new passion for quilting began.

Imagine your show quality quilt with perfect feathers or repeating leaves! Our quilting system can stitch traditional patterns, nature, geometric designs, popular pantograph patterns or any of a thousand designs to suit your needs! There are many ways to personalize your quilt. I can provide you with edge-to-edge patterns, meandering, and/or custom quilting. Together we will design a quilt that will be a long lasting treasure!



Feel free to contact me to talk about your quilting needs or submit your order today!

GeorgiaQuilter uses state of the art sewing technology and can finish your quilt in a matter of days - rather than the weeks or months it takes by hand. The Gammill Statler Stitcher™ is tremendous - making precise accurate stitches on blocks, borders and overall designs known as pantographs or edge to edge. We can turn your quilt top into a show quality treasure!

 We Can do that too:

·         Basting in preparation for hand quilting - Yes, I do that! Go to the "pricing" page for more information.

·         Completing UFO's (unfinished objects) - I do that, too! Customers sometimes ask me to finish piecing or to assemble quilt blocks that they have discovered at auctions or in Grandmother's attic. I charge an hourly rate ($20/hour) for this service, and would always want to discuss such a project with the customer first. Please feel free to call or email me.

What my customers say about GeorgiaQuilter:


"The quilt was beautiful. You had grown men at my office tearing up and vowing to never throw their boys  t-shirts away.
I do appreciate your commitment to the delivery date and wanted you to know that we gave Michael the quilt at his dinner party in front of the family and his closest friends. All were inspired and Michael could not believe that I had been toting these t-shirts around all of these years. The workmanship and your creativity were impeccable and never would anyone in this world believe that you rushed this quilt.
You are truly devoted to your craft and to your word.
Again, thank you is not enough.
With Gratitude," 
Simone Proenza, Atlanta GA


"I wish to let you know how pleased I am with the "Patience Corner" quilt you did for me. I loved the heart design you chose. Your workmanship is very precise. It was very easy for me to put on the binding with the way you finished the quilt edges. Thanks for a great job!" 

Sandy Davis, Hartwell GA


What a beautiful job you did on the QOV. It is just perfect. Thank you for choosing such an appropriate pattern and being so very prompt. Your wonderful talent and time will be very appreciated by a deserving soldier." Ava Harvey, Duluth GA

I cannot thank you enough for a wonderful job you did. It was the best gift I have ever given! As expected, she cried. I printed out a small message for her to read before she opened the bag that had the quilt, she didn't make it through it before crying, but the quilt itself was the final touch. It was priceless! Here is a photo for you. I hope your Christmas was as meaningful as mine (thanks to you!). You have a precious gift that touches many hearts. 

God bless you!   Have a wonderful new year!

Colby Stanfield, Newnan GA